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How to Get Involved with NYC Politics and Advocacy Organizations

Getting involved with political advocacy groups in New York City means the opportunity to make the world a better and more just place for all. Learn about these inspiring political advocacy groups here!... read more

Kidney-Friendly Foods: 8 Eating Habits to Improve Kidney Health

March is National Kidney Month and NYXT is excited to be recognizing its content partner The National Kidney Foundation by sharing this list of ways to improve the health of your kidneys; organs that are often overlooked until problems arise. The National Kidney Foundation advocates cutting risks for disease with regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet with kidney-friendly foods.... read more

O Superwoman: A Women's Day Tribute

As the saying goes, women hold up half the sky, and yet womanhood has never been easy. Women have always strived for freedom and agency, the right to be heard and express themselves, and have been resourceful because no other options were available. Women have long struggled for equality, suffrage, control of their own bodies and safety; this beauty and strife archived through the artistry of the written word. While the commemoration of the world’s women requires more than a month, for Women’s History Month, NYXT honors women whose affirmations have made our lives more vibrant outside of the shadows of men.... read more

National Women’s History Month: 5 Key Facts

National Women’s History Month is globally recognized to highlight and remember women throughout history who have been previously overlooked. It has also transformed to not only honor the unsung heroes in history, but to celebrate the achievements of women and girls today who make positive and influential contributions to society.... read more

Volunteer in Manhattan: 4 Benefits of Getting Involved

What better way to show love for the city you live in than to give your time and skills to help those around you that need them most? Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and giving some time to others can provide a long list of benefits.... read more

Bikes, Not Fare Hikes!

It was announced in January 2017 that monthly Metrocards, currently $116.21, would rise to $121. Nothing sends New Yorkers into a rage faster than hearing they will have to pay more for a service that often endures massive delays and crowds. Waiting longer for trains that never seem to arrive is not only an inconvenience, but feels like robbery in a city already so expensive. As straphangers often nod off on their way home, sometimes they dream of a freer, bolder, self-sufficient way of travel that won’t demand more money for poorer service. So what is the average denizen to do?... read more

What Is Composting and How Can I Start?

New York City residents throw the equivalent of more than 12 Empire State Buildings out with the trash every year. But more and more of that is being cooked into life-giving soil through the easy magic of composting.... read more

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