New York Anti-Trafficking Network
New York Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN) is a team of human rights advocates bringing awareness to labor injustices and solutions through policy. Intersecting issues of gender, immigration and economy, NYATN highlights that human trafficking hits close to home for us all and chooses to amplify the voices of survivors.


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Know Your Rights

When we think about human trafficking, we don’t think it could directly affect us, but in reality, it can. If you are a worker you can easily be a victim of trafficking. NYATN offers information on their website on your rights as an employee. Files listed on the NYATN site consist of New York State Anti-Trafficking Law, and the New York’s Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, amongst others, to prevent you from becoming targeted by your employer. 

Do You Know Your Rights?

Keeping Us Up-To-Date on Anti-Trafficking News

In the 21st century, we sadly still deal with trafficking around the world, and our New York State communities. NYATN helps us stay on top of developing trafficking news reports, and new laws, or improvements that will have an impact on trafficking survivors. Follow NYATN at their twitter handle @NYATN to have a more interactive newsfeed. 

Stay Up To Date

How Can You Help?

Not knowing how to help stop human trafficking can become overwhelming. NYATN offers easy online access to learn how to be an anti-trafficking advocate. On the “What You Can Do” page, everyone is provided with information, advice, events, and articles on how you can take action on this cause. The posts are also social-media friendly, so you can easily share them with others to join the fight.

What You Can Do

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