Urban Arts Partnership
Urban Arts Partnership seeks to foster a love of arts in public school students through arts education. The organization aims to broaden students' horizons and inspire them to think critically by connecting them with advising artists, technological innovators and more.

Videos from Urban Arts Partnership

Urban Arts Partnership 03:48 Culture

A music video providing detail about the world's belief systems.

Urban Arts Partnership 06:22 Performing Arts

Kids perform an animal story with environmental implications.

The Road to Freedom

Urban Arts Partnership 07:52 Performing Arts

UAP students create a short film about a family failing to make a living in Mexico and facing a tough decision of moving to the United States without their kids.

The Black Shark

Urban Arts Partnership 10:00 Performing Arts

Urban Arts Partnership students create a short film about a man who was affected by a car crash and had a dream that would change his life for the better.

Urban Arts Partnership 02:19 Performing Arts

A UAP student talks about what it was like growing up in poverty to getting a scholarship through her art.

Academy Foundations

Urban Arts Partnership 02:44 Performing Arts

Instructors and students talk about being a part of "The Academy" program.

Metaphors and Similes

Urban Arts Partnership 03:38 Performing Arts

UAP students create a music video to a song they composed about metaphors and similes.

Urban Arts Partnership 04:29 Performing Arts

A brief history of North America's indigenous First Nations tribes who inhabited the land before colonization.

Art Integration

Urban Arts Partnership 01:20 Performing Arts

UAP leaders talk about the benefits of integrating art into youth education.

Urban Arts Partnership 01:22 Performing Arts

UAP members break down "The Academy" program and how high school students benefit from it.

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Urban Arts Program believes that creativity is the key to engaging and inspiring young people. With the funds they have received from various sponsors, and fundraisers, they have been able to keep programs running that have impacted many lives for the better. With results like improving grades, and 100% high school graduations, there is no doubt that UAP has made a lifelong change for many students. 

UAP believes in equal opportunities in the arts for every child, so they created the Everyday Arts for Special Education program, which works directly with children who have mental disabilities.

EASE is a professional development program designed to improve student achievements in the areas of communication, socialization, academic learning, and art proficiency through arts-integration strategies. 

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