United Nations Joint SDG Fund
The United Nations Joint SDG Fund works in over 170 countries helping to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities and exclusion. It helps countries develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

Videos from United Nations Joint SDG Fund

Improving Water in Panama

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 03:32 Politics and Advocacy

The vast majority of Panama's indigenous population living in remote areas lack drinking water and sanitation.

Climate Change in Ethiopia

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 08:21 Politics and Advocacy

Ethiopian locals talk about the drastic change their land has had after climate change.

Empowering Palestinian Women Refugees

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 05:25 Politics and Advocacy

Several Palestinian women refugees get a chance at employment and an education through grants.

Fighting Malnutrition in Ethiopia

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 06:25 Politics and Advocacy

Mothers take their children to health extension workers to check for malnutrition and experts create a complementary infant food that will help boost weight.

Building a Multicultural Nation in Ecuador

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 10:31 Politics and Advocacy

Afro-Ecuadorian mothers travel to Kiwaro, where they learn to improve their craftsmanship to sell goods in stores to pay for food, education and medical expenses.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 06:01 Politics and Advocacy

Schools in Skenderija celebrate the completion of the three and a half year long program that promotes intercultural education other religious and ethnic groups.

Better Child Nutrition in Bangladesh

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 04:55 Politics and Advocacy

A look at the impact the "Food Security and Nutrition Program" has had on the nutritional status of children in Bangladesh.

United Nations Joint SDG Fund 03:45 Politics and Advocacy

Two musicians participate in Playing For Change and perform a song titled, "A Better Place."

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One of the UN Joint SDGF’s goals is increased sustainability of resources, especially for high-need, high-risk countries. With the help of the United Nations, the organization has partnered with academics, government officials and citizens to create solutions for widespread poverty.

One of its initiatives in Guatemala was to partner with the largest telecommunications provider, wherein they had initially joined forces to rebuild schools, but plans were later revised to use cell phones as a way to monitor diseases and vitamin deficiencies like anemia to make it easier for health care workers to best serve the most in need.

For a lower cost, many in poor countries are having increased access to health care they were denied in the past.

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