Transportation Alternatives
Transportation Alternatives promotes walking, bicycling, and public transportation in New York City. TA activists are presently working to improve infrastructure for bicycling and walking on city streets, as well as traffic policies to help save lives.

Videos from Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives 04:03 Community

Transportation Alternatives talks with local New Yorkers about the benefits of bike riding in the Winter.

Transportation Alternatives 02:19 Community

Transportation Alternatives encourages drivers to ride their bikes with a short film about a father being late for a school pickup.

Intersection Follies

Transportation Alternatives 02:47 Community

Transportation Alternatives share a few pointers with bike riders and pedestrians on being safe.

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In addition to promoting a greener earth through walking, cycling and public transportation, one of Transportation Alternatives’ most significant missions is achieving Vision Zero: eliminating pedestrian-vehicular injuries and deaths on the New York City streets.

Every year, an estimated 4,000 New Yorkers will be injured and another 250 will be killed in traffic-related accidents: every two hours a pedestrian is at risk.

Since 2014, Transportation Alternatives has joined forces with Vision Zero to create safer bike lanes and routes, campaigning for safer intersections in neighborhoods, and making stricter laws against drivers causing injuries when the pedestrian has the right of way.

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