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StreetWise Partners pairs volunteers with mentees who are unemployed or underemployed to provide them with the skills, resources and access to networks they need to secure and maintain employment.

Videos from StreetWise Partners

The Power of Mentorship

StreetWise Partners 03:43 Community

How mentoring can be a valuable source of wisdom and goodness, and how it provides significant benefits.

Steps to Success

StreetWise Partners 05:15 Community

A mentor and mentee discuss the steps they've taken towards a successful partnership.

Mentorship Means Mentors

StreetWise Partners 00:54 Community

How mentorship provides a value proposition for mentors.

Mentorship Means Mentees

StreetWise Partners 00:56 Community

How mentorship provides a value proposition for mentees.

A Mentor Mentee Journey

StreetWise Partners 01:12 Community

A mentor and mentee talk about their experiences together.

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StreetWise Partners’ goal is to leverage mentorship to increase employment opportunities for adults from overlooked and under-resourced communities within New York, Washington, D.C. and Detroit.

The program annually serves 400 mentees through the support of 50+ corporations and 1,500 volunteers. Since the organization's inception in 1997, StreetWise Partners has transformed the lives of 7,000 job seekers through the support of 12,000 volunteers.

Streetwise introduce mentees to an exclusive network of the best and brightest volunteers who offer knowledge, expertise, contacts, and opportunities to jumpstart a career. Mentees and mentors both receive opportunities to attend events outside of program to grow their professional networks and continue their development.

StreetWise is powered by the support, dedication, and knowledge of more than 1,500 annual volunteers. There are many different ways to volunteer, whether you’re looking to spend a small amount of time to have a big impact, or looking for a longer term commitment.

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