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Strand Books is an independent bookstore featuring 'over 18 miles of books.' The Strand's Rare Book Room hosts a rotating array of manuscripts, all on floors dating back to 1901.

Videos from Strand Books

The New York Nobody Knows

Strand Books 04:39 Community

William Helmreich walked every block in New York City, and wrote a book about what he found.

Strand Books 05:41 Culture

An author talk from the noted minimalist sculptor in advance of a book about his work.

The World Famous *BOB*

Strand Books 03:43 Culture

Amy Touchette and *BOB* chat about burlesque and photography.

Strand Books 04:05 Culture

Bill T. Jones talks about art and how the mentality of an artist differs from everyone else's.

Yusef Komunyakaa

Strand Books 03:32 Culture

Yusef Komunyakaa recites a sensory poem about what happens on an island.

Eduardo C. Corral

Strand Books 02:48 Culture

Eduardo C. Corral reads one of his poems about his father.

Darryl Pinckney and Cornel West

Strand Books 10:48 Culture

Darryl Pinckney and Cornel West discuss the corrupt justice system and the 2014 Ferguson protests.

Strand Books 04:00 Culture

Todd Snider talks about going from a discouraged musician to a published author.

Gizmo and Catcher In The Rye

Strand Books 04:21 Culture

Gizmo gets into character as Holden Caulfield and travels around New York City.

Strand Books 04:41 Culture

Hilton Als talks about the planning that went into writing his book.

Strand Books 03:34 Culture

Lee Billings expresses his frustration on humanity not seeking answers about extraterrestrial life and other livable planets.

Strand Books 05:36 Culture

Chuck Close talks about inspiration, and the process he goes through while painting.

Megan Amram and Megan Mullally

Strand Books 05:34 Culture

Megan Amram and Megan Mullally use humor to talk about female evolution and "Science For Her!"

Strand Books 04:59 Culture

Graham Nash talks about his journey as a musician and expresses his frustration on media's impact on people.

A Love Letter to the City by Stephen ESPO Powers

Strand Books 04:45 Culture

Stephen "ESPO" Powers talks about his career as an artist, and shares a memory about making graffiti around New York City.

I Get Wet by Andrew WK

Strand Books 04:00 Culture

Andrew WK opens up about moving to New York City in the '90s and writing his breakthrough album.

A Fighting Chance by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Strand Books 07:17 Culture

Senator Elizabeth Warren shares a personal story about being raised in a family that struggled financially, and how it has sculpted her political views.

Strand Books 04:05 Culture

Megan Amram reads an excerpt from the biology section of her book.

Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon

Strand Books 05:15 Culture

Kim Gordon thinks back on being an artist and now a published author.

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What keeps the Strand ticking in a technological age when so much is bought and sold over the Internet?

New York has seen so many iconic record and bookstores close over the decades as rents rise and interests wane, as well as the increased convenience of online shopping over brick and mortar setups.

Much of the Strand's success can be attributed to the hands-on approach of its owner, Fred Bass, who worked the store's book-buying table until his recent passing. As the son of the bookstore's original founder, his lineage is invested in the Strand's achievements.

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