SculptureCenter leads the conversation on contemporary art by supporting artistic innovation and independent thought highlighting sculpture's specific potential to change the way we engage with the world. Positioning artists' work in larger cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts, SculptureCenter discerns and interprets emerging ideas. Founded by artists in 1928, SculptureCenter provides an international forum that connects artists and audiences by presenting exhibitions, commissioning new work, and generating scholarship.

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SculptureCenter 03:31 Fine Arts

Public Process is a free three week summer program for high school students that explores public art, urban planning, and architecture.

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SculptureCenter 03:53 Fine Arts

Learn about the history of one of Queens' great modern art institutions.

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With its core values of investment, rigor, transparency, inclusiveness and independence, SculptureCenter is an artistic hub that inspires greater conversations about our world through creativity. Centering sculpture, the organization aligns the past and present by supporting art and artists and promoting programs for its audience to engage in our community at large through art.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to play a role in your community’s betterment while learning new skills and widening your network. Arts volunteering plays a role in democratizing art, making it free for all of us to enjoy. 

Volunteer at SculptureCenter and become a valuable part of the community. You'll learn new skills to further a career in the arts, get behind-the-scenes access to events, and meet new people in the New York art world. 

You can volunteer your time and effort to SculptureCenter so it can continue supporting creators and arts education.

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