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Roundabout is a non-profit theatre company that puts on classic plays and musicals for children and adults. Roundabout has won 29 Tony awards, and offers an educational program that brings theatre into the public school curriculum.

Videos from Roundabout Theatre Company

Roundabout Theatre Company 02:24 Performing Arts

A compilation of live singing from the play "Violet."

Roundabout Theatre Company 02:50 Performing Arts

Meet Jim Dale and learn how his skills have gathered audiences at his one-man-show for over 40 years.

Roundabout Theatre Company 04:09 Performing Arts

Take a lot at the making of "Into The Woods," and why the play is so special.

Roundabout Theatre Company 03:48 Performing Arts

Learn about "Indian Ink," and its rewritten ending for the Roundabout Theater Company.

Dinner With Friends

Roundabout Theatre Company 02:37 Performing Arts

Roundabout Theatre Company staff talks about bringing the "Dinner With Friends" play back to life.

Roundabout Theatre Company 03:24 Performing Arts

The cast of "Bad Jews" come together to talk about the play.

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Budget crises have diminished funds for the arts in schools. In an effort to fight back, Roundabout Theatre has partnered with the NYC Department of Education to establish “Education at Roundabout,” integrating aspects of theater into school curriculums.

For over 35 years, this program has encouraged students to think critically about the works they cover in a historical and social context, and provided future opportunities with internship programs and career development.

The program has been especially beneficial to bilingual students, helping them to get on track with their peers whose first language is English. 

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