Reading Partners
Reading Partners collaborates with underserved schools and communities in need to help students who require that extra boost by providing individualized attention to early learners. Volunteers are recruited to help tutor and mentor students to help them build confidence, literacy skills, and a love for learning.

Videos from Reading Partners

Mohammed Abdulkarimu

Reading Partners 02:59 Education

Mohammed Abdulkarimu helps kids with their reading.

Sgt. Harrison and Zyree

Reading Partners 02:18 Community

Sgt. Harrison returns to his old neighborhood and helps Zyree with her reading every week.

Samantha Kendall

Reading Partners 02:00 Community

Samantha Kendall values the work she does to help kids with their reading.

Reading Partners 02:00 Community

Jade Okunlola works to help teach children how to read.

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Many of us take the ability to read for granted, but in many underserved schools, young students are struggling just to learn basics as education in our society is continuously defunded and de-prioritized. Without reading skills, kids are more likely to drop out of school, limiting their potential. Literacy is fundamental to learning, so how can we help children who may not have access to the best resources and opportunities?


Reading Partners brings together people who care about childhood education, and volunteers are needed to help enact their mission of ensuring kids can read at their grade level. By giving kids confidence from Reading Partners, they become empowered over their educational destinies, and are encouraged to give back to the next generation in need.

Volunteering Is Fundamental!


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