New York Neo-Futurists
New York Neo Futurists (NYNF) is an experimental theater group presenting inexpensive art for the general public. NYNF shows often feature audience interaction and are guided by a belief in being as genuine as possible on stage.

Videos from New York Neo-Futurists

The Theoretical Physics of Procrastination

New York Neo-Futurists 02:30 Performing Arts

A comedy skit about a play writer dealing with procrastination.

The Committee to Decide Things

New York Neo-Futurists 02:57 Performing Arts

A skit about the anxiety that comes with making a decision.

New York Neo-Futurists 02:40 Performing Arts

A skit about an autistic perspective on conversations and understanding.

New York Neo-Futurists 02:05 Performing Arts

A comedy skit about three people discovering an item inside of a box.

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As defined by the performers themselves, neo-Futurism is “a new approach to performance which advocates the complete awareness and inclusion of the actual world within the theater in order to achieve a goal: to bring people to a greater understanding of themselves and each other.”

Combining elements of surrealism, Dadaism, and Italian futurism that is defined by rapid movements, performances are filled with quick wit and require actors and audiences to stay on their toes. 

In New York, Chicago, San Francisco and beyond, the Neo-Futurists continue to expose and explore new artistic territory, all consistent with the original mission to create interactive, highly personal, emotionally and intellectually challenging art for the general public.

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