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New York Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN) is a team of human rights advocates bringing awareness to labor injustices and solutions through policy. Intersecting issues of gender, immigration and economy, NYATN highlights that human trafficking hits close to home for us all and chooses to amplify the voices of survivors.

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Why Decriminalize Sex Work?

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 03:02 Politics and Advocacy

In curbing human trafficking, criminalizing sex workers is not the answer, and in turn, puts many at risk in becoming enmeshed in the justice system, leading to problems finding work, citizenship and housing.

What To Do In The Moment

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 03:01 Politics and Advocacy

Help human trafficking victims by staying level-headed and not immediately calling police. Instead, build trust and offer them resources for health and safety.

What Can You Do?

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 03:16 Politics and Advocacy

Support communities vulnerable to trafficking by tipping service workers well, avoiding shaming victims, being open minded, holding the media accountable for trafficking representations, and contacting anti-trafficking and anti-poverty networks.

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:56 Politics and Advocacy

Want to fight human trafficking? Educate yourself, empower survivors, and take preventative measures to end systemic circumstances that leave victims vulnerable, from poverty to undocumented status.

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:02 Politics and Advocacy

Lawyers are crucial for human trafficking victims' rights, from extricating them from the criminal justice system to fighting for immigration status.

Social Services

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:12 Politics and Advocacy

To help rebuild their lives, human trafficking survivors need resources to ensure stability, from housing, jobs, healthcare, education, professional guidance and all basic amenities for life.

Survivors Sharing Voices

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:07 Politics and Advocacy

In supporting human trafficking victims and survivors, it's important to create safe spaces through informed consent, not to punish them for speaking out, and providing resources so they will thrive.

What Is Trafficking?

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:22 Politics and Advocacy

New York Anti-Trafficking Network 02:47 Politics and Advocacy

On supporting trafficking survivors by prioritizing their needs and rights, and not criminalizing them, which leads to further vulnerability.

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In the 21st century, we sadly still deal with trafficking around the world, and our New York State communities. NYATN helps us stay on top of developing trafficking news reports, and new laws, or improvements that will have an impact on trafficking survivors. Follow NYATN at their Twitter handle @NYATN to have a more interactive newsfeed.

Not knowing how to help stop human trafficking can become overwhelming. NYATN offers easy online access to learn how to be an anti-trafficking advocate. On the “What You Can Do” page, everyone is provided with information, advice, events, and articles on how you can take action on this cause. The posts are also social-media friendly, so you can easily share them with others to join the fight.

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