National Academy of Design
Since 1925, The National Academy has been a community of artists, students, museum-goers, and supporters of the arts that have shared the heritage of the arts in America and brought art to all through arts education programs and exhibitions.

Videos from National Academy of Design

Judith Shea on Elizabeth Catlett

National Academy of Design 03:22 Fine Arts

Shea discusses her sculpture tribute to artist Elizabeth Catlett, a Black artist and sculptor of the Harlem Renaissance, who was influenced by Diego Rivera and her time in Mexico.

National Academy of Design 04:38 Fine Arts

A Native American artist talks using rawhide as a canvas, laments the idea of "primitive" art as regressive, and wanting indigenous artistic idols to look up to.

An American Collection

National Academy of Design 06:46 Fine Arts

A profile of the Academy's permanent collection dating from 1820s to the 1970s that details the artistic, natural, political and cultural history of America.

Dawoud Bey, National Academician

National Academy of Design 04:19 Fine Arts

A Chicago-based photographer talks about his connection to Harlem, its cultural Renaissance, and how its essence is endangered because of gentrification.

Judith Shea: Still Standing

National Academy of Design 02:13 Fine Arts

The New York artist talks about her human sculpture series influenced by the events of September 11, 2001, and being a woman in art.

Judith Shea's Louise Bourgeois Sculpture

National Academy of Design 01:54 Fine Arts

Shea talks about her series of dressed human form sculptures of other artists, including Bourgeois, a French-American painter, printmaker, sculptor and instillation artist.

Judith Shea, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:50 Fine Arts

A sculptor of human forms talks transitioning from fashion design and integrating various artistic techniques into her current works.

Wolf Kahn, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:39 Fine Arts

A landscape painter talks about drawing influence from nature, and the influence of American culture as a refugee.

William Pedersen, National Academician

National Academy of Design 02:01 Fine Arts

An architect talks designing Hudson Yards and commercial high rise buildings, and the ability for artists to connect things to each other.

Bruce Fowle, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:27 Fine Arts

The President of the National Academy talks architecture and designing high rise buildings.

Shahzia Sikander, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:47 Fine Arts

A Pakistani-American multimedia artist talks about being an immigrant and bringing diversity to the elite art world.

Richard Tuttle, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:44 Fine Arts

The artist talks about mixing practicality with spirituality and drawing upon ambiguity to influence his sculptures.

Dotty Attie, National Academician

National Academy of Design 02:02 Fine Arts

The artist talks about recreating photographs into drawings and miniature portraits and the need for a creative community.

Dorothea Rockburne, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:36 Fine Arts

A profile of the painter's "Drawing Which Makes Itself" exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art that was influenced by math and topological maps.

David Driskell, National Academician

National Academy of Design 01:59 Fine Arts

The painter, printmaker, and African-American history scholar talks about drawing inspiration from the nature surrounding his studio in Maine and herbalism.

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Committed to arts education, the museum formerly known as the National Academy of Design is a hidden gem of Manhattan. While the museum is temporarily closed, the adjacent school is a beacon for arts-minded individuals who long to tell the stories of American art.

The Members of the National Academy are art contributors-- and elected by their peers-- to the museum’s collection, and has exhibited some of the most prestigious American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. Art is for all, and even if you can’t visit in person, their art is available online all the time. 

As the National Academy Museum relocates, they do not want you to miss out on their permanent art collection.  With Google’s Cultural Institute search engine, you are able to virtually enter the art world. You are able to look pieces up based on medium, style, and the location they were created in. Using the virtual museum, you are able to get a closer look at the pieces and experience the detailing without the museum restrictions of getting too close! 

Read the Academy's Historical Overview


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