Museum of the City of New York
The Museum of the City of New York celebrates the unique past, present and future of New York City. The museum engages audiences through exhibitions, learning opportunities, publications and public events. 

Videos from Museum of the City of New York

New York At Its Core: Recreating View of Melrose

Museum of the City of New York 04:28 Community

A video on the transformations of Bronx vista from 1868 to today.

Joseph Michael Lopez

Museum of the City of New York 03:47 Fine Arts

A Cuban-American photographer talks capturing the authenticity of the city, old and new, through his evocative, cinematic work.

New York At Its Core: Ruby Bailey

Museum of the City of New York 03:49 Community

Bermuda-born Harlem artist and fashion designer Ruby Bailey leaves behind a legacy through dolls she's created, an expression of the vibrancy and culture of African-Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.

New York At Its Core: Onward Oyster

Museum of the City of New York 04:36 Culture

The history of oysters' abundance in the New York Harbor: how it was once the city's signature food, drove industry and the current efforts to replenish the population for environmental resiliency.

Museum of the City of New York 03:19 Fine Arts

Tony Hillery of Harlem Grown discusses the lack of affordable healthy food in his neighborhood that drove him to create a sustainable farming center and community that provides sustenance for low-income families.

Museum of the City of New York 03:22 Fine Arts

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project works to protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination through free legal services and activism.

Museum of the City of New York 02:38 Fine Arts

A teacher and activist born and raised in Chinatown in NYC uplifts a community by joining a union and advocating for workers', immigrants' and voters' rights.

The City Confronts Civil Rights

Museum of the City of New York 06:23 Fine Arts

The Brooklyn chapter of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) and their work in grassroots organizing to defeat segregation and unequal education through boycotts and protest, and the art of Harlem designer Ruby Bailey.

City As Canvas: A Word from Lady Pink

Museum of the City of New York 01:34 Culture

Sandra Fabara talks about her introduction to the world of graffiti artistry, its evolution, and an art movement that fought against the status quo.

New York At Its Core: Gloria Steinem

Museum of the City of New York 03:08 Culture

Feminist and "Ms. Magazine" founder Gloria Steinem visits the NY At Its Core exhibit and talks Betty Friedan, women's rights, and the need for an affordable city to inspire creativity.

City As Canvas: Graffiti Art

Museum of the City of New York 02:27 Culture

Art collector Martin Wong shared his compilation with the museum that features the preserved works of the city's graffiti artists, legitimizing an entire underground artistic movement. Featuring Daze, Lady Pink, Sharp, Futura 2000 and Lee Quinones.

City As Canvas: A Word From Lee

Museum of the City of New York 01:42 Culture

Graffito Lee Quinones talks about being a part of the underground movement of street artists and how they changed the face of New York City's public spaces and inspired Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Museum of the City of New York 03:25 Culture

Dante Barry of grassroots organization Million Hoodies Movement For Justice, an organization begat from the death of Trayvon Martin, fights against police brutality, gun violence, and racial injustice in NYC.

Museum of the City of New York 03:33 Culture

Undocumented student Angy Rivera becomes an activist for immigrant rights with the New York State Youth Leadership Council that strives for equal educational opportunities, passing The DREAM Act and paths towards citizenship.

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Not only does the Museum of the City of New York feed us information about our beloved city, but they also offer educational services for families and our community. MCNY offers several educational classes for different age groups through out the year, and are posted on their site. The classes range from story time, where toddlers get enriched with early childhood programming, to ‘My City Lab’ for tweens, where they learn about the changes our city has gone through, and will go through in the near future. 

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