Materials for the Arts
Founded in 1978, Materials for the Arts (MFTA) is NYC’s largest reuse center supporting nonprofits with arts programming, public schools, and City agencies. On average, MFTA collects over 1.5 million pounds of supplies each year, which it provides, free of charge, to its 4,200+ member organizations.     

Videos from Materials for the Arts

Learning Through Making Cars

Materials for the Arts 04:32 Fine Arts

An educator uses model race cars to teach art, science, and math.

The Effects of Global Warming

Materials for the Arts 02:29 Science

A stop motion animation piece about the potential dangers of global warming.

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MFTA has an Education Center, a volunteer program, an Artist-in-Residence program, and public events every third Thursday of the month, which include gallery openings and community workshops. Their goal is to help people rethink the way they look at materials and waste, and they strive to engage with and educate the public on the value and importance of creative reuse.  Learn more about how you can get involved today.

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