Loisaida, Inc.
Devoted to collaborative art practices, social engagement, and community-building through culture and arts at the intersection of media and technology; Loisaida's approach celebrates the urban surroundings, grassroots innovation and the immigrant spirit of the Loisaida neighborhood.  For over 40 years they have continued to build connections between community and culture through original programs, projects and historic events, such as the beloved Loisaida Festival. 

Videos from Loisaida, Inc.

Loisaida, Inc. 05:51 Community

Iconic Lower East Side photographer Marlis Momber talks about her background, life's work, and artistic process.

Loisaida, Inc. 03:45 Community

Older adults take up dance as a means to express their culture and themselves.

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Loisaida Inc. stands firm on its original mission to address the serious economic and social disenfranchisement of poor and low income Latinx residents, with employment and training opportunities, comprehensive youth development initiatives, as well as neighborhood revitalization activities that positively highlight the rich culture, heritage, and contribution of the Puerto Rican and Latinx community in New York City– while offering programming that meets the demands of the times and the neighborhood’s changing demographic.

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