Irish Arts Center
Founded in 1972, the Irish Arts Center (IAC) projects a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America through performances, exhibitions, and education.

Videos from Irish Arts Center

Irish Arts Center 03:47 Performing Arts

Heathers sing alongside a pianist for the SongLives event at the Irish Arts Center.

Irish Arts Center 05:41 Performing Arts

Gerry Leonard sings and plays guitar at the Irish Arts Center.

Declan O'Rourke

Irish Arts Center 04:46 Performing Arts

Declan O'Rourke performs a song at the Irish Arts Center.

Irish Arts Center 01:30 Performing Arts

Get a look at the Irish Arts Center's Book Day.

Irish Arts Center 04:49 Performing Arts

Irish singer and composer Julie Feeney performs "Life's Nudge."

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Since 1972, the Irish Arts Center (IAC) has been keeping Ireland’s history and culture alive in New York City for people of all backgrounds to enjoy. From film and literature to music and theatre, IAC gives tourists and New Yorkers alike the opportunity explore the very best of Irish heritage.

Every season, both local and international Irish artists come to IAC to share their talents with the community. Check out upcoming events and buy tickets here. For discounts, exclusive invitations and priority booking, consider becoming an IAC member.

Different membership packages are available for students, standard patrons, families, junior patrons and more. View memberships and find the one that’s right for you.

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