InsideSchools are education advocates providing authoritative and independent information about New York City's public schools and dedicated to improving education in NYC. They visit hundreds of schools every year and interview thousands of people - from principals to teachers to students to parents - to understand what's really going on in NYC's public schools.

Videos from InsideSchools

The Cinema School

InsideSchools 01:47 Education

The Cinema School staff explains what their curriculum has to offer and how they should be the destination for any student with dreams of a career in the field of cinema.

Special Education NEST Programs

InsideSchools 02:23 Education

Teachers talk about Special Education NEST Programs and how they have helped children on the autism spectrum.

Schools For Special Needs Children

InsideSchools 02:59 Education

InsideSchools breaks down the kind of environment schools for special needs children offer.

Professional Performing Arts School

InsideSchools 03:18 Education

Professional Performing Arts School staff and students talk about balancing regular and art academics.

InsideSchools 04:52 Education

Sherry Cleary talks about the standards held for staff and education offered in New York City Pre-K programs.

School Uniforms

InsideSchools 03:08 Education

High school students talk about the pros and cons about wearing school uniforms.

Looking For An Elementary School

InsideSchools 04:03 Education

InsideSchools gives advice to parents and guardians on what to look for when taking a tour of a potential elementary school for your child.

Large and Small High Schools

InsideSchools 02:56 Education

Students explain the pros and cons of attending small and large high schools.

InsideSchools 01:53 Education

InsideSchools gives advice on finding the perfect school for your child and the information you need to enroll.

How to Apply to Middle School

InsideSchools 04:09 Education

Clara Hemphill talks with parents and students about taking the next steps to enroll in middle school.

High School of Graphic Communication Arts

InsideSchools 01:51 Education

High School of Graphic Communication Arts staff talks about their state of the art computer labs and how they hope it will improve student's future career paths.

Career and Technical Education

InsideSchools 02:47 Education

Clara Hemphill explains what Career and Technical Education is and the benefits from attending a school where it is offered.

Specialized High Schools

InsideSchools 05:12 Education

Students talk about what it took them to be accepted into a specialized high school.

Long Vs. Short Trip

InsideSchools 02:59 Education

Two students of the same school talk about their commute to school, which vary from a few minutes to a few hours.

Making The Most of School Fairs

InsideSchools 03:01 Education

Clara Hemphill gives tips to students and guardians on what to look for in school fairs.

How to Apply to an Audition School

InsideSchools 03:09 Education

InsideSchools gives advice on what it takes to enroll to an audition school.

How to Apply to High School

InsideSchools 03:59 Education

Tips on applying to high school and the different steps to take for the best fit of a student.

Choosing the Right Elementary School

InsideSchools 06:13 Education

InsideSchools Director, Clara Hemphill, outlines the pros and cons of zone, out-of-zone, dual language, and charter schools.

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The key to a well-rounded education is continuing to learn outside of the classroom. In order to do that, it’s important for parents to be active participants in their children’s education.

InsideSchools provides up-to-date information about the New York City public school system so that parents have the knowledge they need to help their children thrive.

Fortunately, New York City offers a variety of free and low-cost programs after school and during the summer to give students additional opportunities to learn and explore their interests. Programs focused on science, arts, college prep and more are available to students in elementary school through high school. 

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