Green Bronx Machine
Green Bronx Machine builds healthy, equitable, and resilient communities through inspired education, local food systems, and 21st Century workforce development. Dedicated to cultivating minds and harvesting hope, their school-based model using urban agriculture aligned to key school performance indicators grows healthy students and healthy schools to transform communities that are fragmented and marginalized into neighborhoods that are inclusive and thriving.

Videos from Green Bronx Machine

We Make Friends

Green Bronx Machine 07:24 Community

A student talks about the social and educational opportunities that come from urban agriculture.

Green Bronx Machine 02:36 Community

Inside a day of planting in The Bronx.

Interview with Stephen Ritz

Green Bronx Machine 02:04 Community

An interview with Green Bronx Machine's founder.

Bronx Students Visit Bloomberg

Green Bronx Machine 04:15 Community

Students from the GBM program visit the offices of Bloomberg.

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GBM believes that healthy students help drive healthy schools, and that healthy schools are at the heart of healthy communities. They envision growing healthy communities where those who are “apart from” will become “part of” new solutions that benefit 100% of society; a world where people do not have to leave their community to live, learn and earn in a better one. Together, we can grow something greater! Ready, set, GROW!


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