Girls Who Code
Women and girls have traditionally been left behind when it comes to STEM education, but Girls Who Code has stepped in to close that gap. Starting from third grade, girls can learn computer science in GWC's after school clubs, while bonding with other girls who love tech and finding guidance through crucial mentorships, as GWC's programs prepare them for future careers in technological fields.

Videos from Girls Who Code

Aly and Frankie

Girls Who Code 04:49 Science

Two girls answer questions about their experience with coding.

My Code: I Speak Code

Girls Who Code 03:00 Youth

Girl coders talk about programming languages, and which ones they use most often.

My Code: What Is Code?

Girls Who Code 03:26 Youth

Girls Who Code cover what code is and what it means to be a coder.

My Code: Being A Girl Who Codes

Girls Who Code 03:02 Youth

Four girls talk about what it's like to be a girl who codes.

My Code: Hi, We're Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code 03:04 Youth

Audrey, Brittney, Margot & Shannon are girls who are into coding.

The Truth Behind Us

Girls Who Code 02:09 Youth

Girls in the program make an app to highlight contributions of female pioneers throughout history.

Courtney's Story

Girls Who Code 05:03 Youth

A young girl learns to code in order to fulfill her dream and move up in life.

Girls Who Code 02:44 Youth

Four young girls review a Girls Who Code book.

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When it comes to gender equality, we often take two steps forward and three steps back as the autonomy of women and girls is continually challenged. In 2012, Girls Who Code launched with one mission: eliminate the gender gap in technology. 90,000 girls of all backgrounds have been taught the concepts, functions, and coding of the latest technology by enrolling in a Club Program, Summer Immersion Program, or the Campus Program offered with GWC.

Young girls enrolled in the courses not only put their problem-solving skills to the test, but they become a part of an empowering sisterhood that is defining the future of our world. Girls Who Code is currently on track to achieve gender parity in computer science by 2027.

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