El Taller Latino Americano
El Taller Latino Americano promotes Latin American culture through art, dance, music, and language. El Taller offers classes teaching Spanish, live music and film events, and an art gallery.

Videos from El Taller Latino Americano

El Taller Latino Americano 10:14 Culture

William Parker is joined by Oluyemi Thomas and Jeff Schlanger in a live performance and spoken word.

Pete Seeger's Letter To Eve

El Taller Latino Americano 04:57 Culture

Musicians perform songs for social justice from "Folk Meets Jazz!"

Tico da Costa and Philip Glass

El Taller Latino Americano 03:29 Community

Tico da Costa and Philip Glass perform "Ana Bandolim" at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

Valerie Naranjo and Ba-ere Yotere

El Taller Latino Americano 02:04 Community

Valerie Naranjo and Ba-ere Yotere share the stage as they play the gyil.

Jose Del C and Jeff Schlanger

El Taller Latino Americano 02:53 Performing Arts

Jose Del C and Jeff Schlanger share the stage with musicians, as they live paint.

El Taller Latino Americano 06:08 Community

Bernardo Palomo, Horacio Martinez, Guillermo Vaisman, Lucy Warrington, and Ruben Gonzalez perform a song about an immigrant's cruel destiny.

El Taller Latino Americano 03:32 Community

Carlos Aguirre tries to move away from typical piano notes that are played during songs, and performs "Gato."

El Taller Latino Americano 04:59 Community

Rosalia Roio is joined by Didac Lazaro and Xavi Lozano to perform a song in honor of El Taller Latino Americano's 35th Anniversary celebration.

El Taller Latino Americano 05:33 Community

Bae-ere Yotere performs a song with an instrument called the gyil.

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El Taller Latino Americano is a premier cultural institution located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side where community members can learn a new language and participate in cultural six cultural programs focused on language, music, art, dance, children and film.

Interested in bringing a custom cultural workshop to your school? El Taller Latino Americano offers several workshops that can be tailored to educational curricula, language needs and issues within the community. Both local and visiting teaching artists affiliated with El Taller Latino Americano run the workshops.

The music and dance workshops focus on singing in Spanish, exploring Afro-Peruvian dance, salsa, merengue, bachata and more! For more arts and crafts focused workshops, try mask-making, piñata building, and bilingual storytelling.

Bring Workshops to Your School


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