CreativeMornings offer short, free talks to the creative community one Friday each month over breakfast. It's a great way to meet like-minded people and engage with subjects like technology and design.

Videos from CreativeMornings

CreativeMornings 01:55 Culture

Ping Fu explains the importance of pleasure, flow, and meaning to discover true happiness.

CreativeMornings 01:53 Culture

Nick Campbell explains why you should try to not be the best in the room.

CreativeMornings 01:34 Culture

Michael Tavani explains why now is the best time in history of the world to start something.

CreativeMornings 01:24 Culture

Martina Flor shares the formula she used for her designs.

CreativeMornings 01:20 Culture

Keith Wilmot talks about one of the most important behaviors: bravery.

CreativeMornings 01:22 Culture

Joe Stewart discusses how lack of inspiration is reflected in your work.

CreativeMornings 01:57 Culture

Bill Carney expresses the importance of asking an employer, "what is the budget?"

CreativeMornings 03:04 Culture

Andy Baio explains how copyrighting is regularly exploited as a revenue model.

CreativeMornings 07:16 Culture

Emilie Baltz explains the design of feeding vs. the design of food.

Theron Humphrey

CreativeMornings 10:03 Culture

Theron Humphrey shares why he decided to take a photograph of a different person everyday for 365 days.

Holley Murchison

CreativeMornings 08:56 Culture

Holley Murchison shares the history of The Hall Pass Tour and their mission.

CreativeMornings 08:14 Culture

Brooks Atwood shares his teaching style and why you should always say "yes."

CreativeMornings 07:53 Culture

Larry Legend discusses his idea of "people being more important than craft."

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CreativeMornings began in 2008 as a small gathering for creatives in New York City looking to connect with their peers and start their day in a positive way. Since then, 148 chapters have been formed across the world from Atlanta to Auckland and beyond.

Being part of the CreativeMornings community will give you the opportunity to network with other creative people in your area, encourage you to explore a new point of a view and inspire you to do what you do best - create!

View the list of cities that already have a CreativeMornings chapter to see if your city is there. You can find host information and get involved in the next meeting. Don’t see your city on the list and want to start a chapter?

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