Coro New York Leadership Center
For students and executives, activists and entrepreneurs who want to learn how New York City works so that they can make it better, Coro New York is the premier leadership training organization that delivers the skills, knowledge, and network to lead change. Participants become leaders and influencers, developing innovative solutions to public issues, incorporating different points of view in their decision-making, and inspiring others to lead change.

Videos from Coro New York Leadership Center

Coro New York Leadership Center 01:57 Politics and Advocacy

The role of youth matters greatly in improving the lives of New Yorkers.

Youth Adult Partnerships

Coro New York Leadership Center 01:38 Politics and Advocacy

Youths and adults can work together to bring about change.

Becoming a Fellow

Coro New York Leadership Center 02:40 Politics and Advocacy

A look at how ordinary New Yorkers become Coro fellows.

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In a city as complex and diverse as ours, it isn’t just the mayor and chief executives who shape our future. Coro believes that meaningful change must also come from people in business and communities, schools and unions, government and nonprofits, who have the conviction and ideas to do more. 

Since 1984, no other group has put this insight into practice more successfully than Coro. Coro is a community of more than 2,500 graduates who, through our single and collaborative efforts, make the city great.

Graduates come away from Coro with a deeper understanding of how the city works, the leadership skills to change it, and a network of engaged and influential alumni to help them reach their goals. They are part of a collaborative community with a shared belief that a single person, with the right knowledge, skills, and network, is what will make New York a better place for all who live and work here.

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