Why is community engagement important?

What is Community Engagement?


Community engagement links the more general terms of 'community' and 'engagement' to broaden the scope and shift the focus from an individual to a more collective audience. While focusing on a more inclusive group, it is ensure that considerations are made for the diversity that exists within any large group


To touch on a more concrete definition, community engagement pertains to the process by which a third-sector organization and individuals work to build permanent, continual relationships to create an overarching vision for the benefit of the community as a whole.


Achieving Community Engagement


Community engagement depends on a process that includes planning and decision-making. The engagement service model incorporates: 

  • Activley seek out and strive to create action around community values, concerns and aspirations
  • Establishing communicative partnerships that shape services based off of the community's priorities and values.

Watch the NYXT Original video showing Hell's Kitchen Farm Project that provides fresh food and produce to people in the neighborhood who are in a low-income situation.


Why is Community Engagement Important?


Drawing on local knowledge from a large and diverse group of people creates solutions that are practical, effective and tailored to what will work in a specific area. Additional benefits include:


  • Improve a community's skills on problem-solving and looking at a situation from multiple sides to find the best solution.
  • Empower and unite people with different backgrounds by providing a common ground for people to work towards common goals.
  • Create local networkds and an atmosphere where on-going discussions can be held.
  • Increased trust between community organizations and the local government that may reduce furture conflict.



Let's Build a Healthy Community Together