City Lore explores how arts and culture can help us understand the world around us. In City Lore partner schools, students are less likely to be absent.

Videos from City Lore

Artists in the Urban Classroom

City Lore 12:43 Culture

Students are taught to embrace different cultural backgrounds through art.

Making Connections

City Lore 05:08 Culture

A Queens Public School welcomes a City Lore artist in residency to teach students music from different parts of the world and the history behind it.

Sharing Traditions

City Lore 04:32 Culture

A City Lore Teaching Artist teaches students traditional West African dances.

An Introduction to City Lore Education Programs

City Lore 02:04 Culture

City Lore gives an inside look on what art residencies in NYC public schools look like and how they benefit young students.

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Known as "the museum without walls," City Lore goes into NYC communities with the goal of preserving their art and culture. Some displays are temporary, but others are converted into virtual exhibits that are available online.

City Lore has two exhibits from the past available to view on their website. The first is "Weaving of War," which was originally features at the Puffin Room in 2006. As you click through the presentation, you'll see how textile artists in Asia, Latin America and South Africa depicted their experiences of war in their work.

The second exhibit available online is "Missing a Streetscape of a City in Mourning," which was originally on display at the New-York Historical Society in 2002. In this presentation, you'll see the shrines and memories created around New York City after September 11.

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