What feeds you?

What do you do for your breakfast? Do you light candles for dinner? Do you welcome a new neighbor with an apple pie for dessert? This week’s special block on NYXT is about food, comida, essen, nourriture. You can choose the word that suits you as long as you give a chance for new dietary ideas.


From delightful new concepts for dishes and food experiences, presented by food technologist Emilie Baltz at Creative Mornings, to casual cauliflower potatoes presented by Sodium Girl of the National Kidney Foundation, we’re whipping up some videos that are downright delectable. Feeling philosophical? Check out chef Wylie Dufresne and psychologist Rachel Herz talk at the Rubin Museum. Do you feel like saving the planet? Watch NYXT’s Originals Series, Waste Not, about freegans, farmers projects and making compost. Alternatives for vegans are always available!


Multi-sensory experiences à la carte with NYXT’s block of programming at 10AM, 3PM and 9PM. Stay tuned!



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