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One of NYXT’s newest content partners is The Womanity Project, a feminist platform that incites dialogue through video interviews sharing experiences about gender from people from all over the globe. We talked with founder Aurélie Harp and producer Lydia Darly at their studio in Brooklyn last week:


What is The Womanity Project?


Aurélie: The Womanity Project Is a non-for-profit, multimedia organization, using film and workshops, to shed the light on gender and cultural stereotypes, advance equality, and connect people on a human level.



What is the mission and history of the organization?


Aurélie: I created The Womanity Project because when I arrived in New York I really felt being a woman, and being a white woman, and noticing all these labels and categories of people being separated in their own experience.  At least that’s how I felt. And then my feminism was coming back very strongly, like “how can we still not have gender, racial equality in 2019” - at that time it was 2015 but we still don’t have it today. So I was very curious on hearing people's perspectives on that, and hearing their stories. And that is kind of what I know how to do because my background is in advertising, in filmmaking, acting and coaching, so it all started with this idea of “let’s go and ask people for their story, ask them questions, and let’s see what the answers are.” That is how it started.


Lydia: And actually I was interviewed by Aurélie two years ago, and I was very touched by the way that Aurélie was asking questions, it was not just a regular interview, it was about getting deeper in the conversation. So that really impacted me. And then, with the big heart that she has and finding out that she was basically starting all this journey by herself, I jumped in. I am also from France, I am a filmmaker and actress, and I really respected all the values that she has, creating peace and creating an environment where everybody is equal. So I really felt that it was time to jump in this journey as a producer, and to really help her develop The Womanity Project, and to develop these conversations that we were having.


What are the organization’s next challenges?


Lydia: The exciting thing for 2019 is to really expand the conversations. So as you know we started interviewing a lot of women, for 2019 we also want to invite men to the conversation. So that is really exciting for us, to really include everyone in the conversation in order to create that equality.


Visit and learn about their workshops and events.

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