Press Play: With PPGNY at Women’s March


We want to celebrate International Women’s Day with you and decided to do it with this Press Play video about Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. At the New York’s Women’s March in Foley Square, we talked with Pascale Bernard (VP of Public Affairs & Organizing), Larissa Vasquez (Director of Community Engagement), Ema Eyasmin (Youth Programs Coordinator), and Jacquelyn Marrero (Director of Media Relations). 


PPGNY provides sexual reproductive healthcare in the five boroughs, Nassau County, the Mid-Hudson Valley, the Mohawk-Hudson area, and the Southern Finger Lakes.  You can watch their videos on



Larissa Vasquez: My name is Larisaa Vasquez, I am the proud daughter of Fabiola Ramos and the granddaughter of Juana Ramos, and I am here today to tell the Trump-Pence administration that we are proud Latinxs, proud women and proud immigrants. I’m standing here with Planned Parenthood of Greater New York because we deserve a greater New York. But more importantly, we deserve a country that respects the beautiful diversity of the people who live here, work here, and strive for the same American dream that the privileged politicians take advantage of. We are all here today because we’ve already made critical choices. We are choosing to protect our communities, our families, our children, and our bodilly economy. Let’s build the future together! Thank you!


NYXT: What is Planned Parenthood of Greater New York?

Jacquelyn Marrero: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York represents the bold future of sexual and reproductive healthcare. From our mobile apps to our mobile health units, we are thinking outside of the exam room to meet people when and where they need us. Our innovative outreach programs are tailored to meet the needs of people who already face barriers in essential health care. 


NYXT: What are the services that PPGNY provides?

Pascale Bernard: We provide sexual reproductive healthcare in the five boroughs, in Nassau County, the Mid-Hudson Valley, the Mohawk-Hudson area as well as the Southern Finger Lakes. We provide abortion care, cancer screening, gender afirming care, vasectomies and birth control. 


NYXT: What is PPGNY Generation Action?

Ema Eyasmin: Our PP Generation Action Fund is helping build youth power across New York college campuses and supporting young people in becoming movement leaders. Our storytellers are also speaking truths of power whether it will be about birth control or how to access safe and legal abortion. 


NYXT: What is the importance of participating at the Women’s March?

Larissa Vasquez: When women come together we can be an unstoppable force. For example, we saw this in November, when women and in particular women of color, came out and drove and voted for candidates who boldly fought for their rights. PPGNY really envisions a future where people have access to sexual and reproductive healthcare without fear or stigma, and let me be clear: abortion is healthcare. 


NYXT: What are some of PPGNY's current challenges?

Larissa Vasquez: The Trump-Pence administration is hell-bent on rolling back access to vital health care for women, undocumented immigrants and LGBTQI people. It is our responsibility to not only protect but advance access to reproductive healthcare, regardless of your immigration status, your zip code or your income. 

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