Three Organizations That Are Helping Kids Play Right Now

This is a tough time for everyone - but families at home with their children are having some of the toughest times of all.  Kids are unable to see their friends, engage in normal routines, and go to school in normal circumstances.  As COVID-19 continues to upend everyone's life, thousands of parents have found it difficult to balance their own needs and activities with those of their children.
The good news is that many organizations have provided some places for kids to have a little bit of fun in these times.  Here are three groups that are encouraging leisure for children right now:
The Brooklyn Music School allows everyone, regardless of their background, to enjoy the benefits of music.  Because of COVID-19, they've migrated their music education programs online.  You can register your kid for lessons in a variety of instruments and vocals through their website.
During the ongoing pandemic, CMA opened up a library of resources on their website that includes how-to-videos and DIY projects to motivate kids to continue to create at home.  They offer live online sessions every day where kids are encouraged to create drawings, paintings, and to imagine new fun new environments.
Prospect Park Alliance sustains, restores and advances Prospect Park to benefit the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home.  Despite COVID-19, much of the park is still open and kids are having fun taking walks, playing on the playgrounds, and engaging in other outdoor activities.  
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