What You Can Do To Help Victims of Natural Disasters

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At the dawn of 2017’s hurricane season, Texas, Louisiana and America’s gulf coast states are currently devastated by Harvey, the latest superstorm to hit a major city. While millions in Houston and the surrounding areas are grappling with casualties, and the destruction of homes, businesses and communities, several more countries were also severely affected by crippling weather in recent weeks. Mudslides in Sierra Leone’s Freetown have claimed an estimated 1,000 lives with many still missing, and severe flooding in Nepal, Bangladesh and India have left 1,200 perished. As the weather globally becomes more extreme, questions of climate change are at the forefront of many minds.

Without initiatives to ease the deadly effects of climate change on weather, which tends to devastate the most vulnerable communities, these catastophes will only grow worse as cities still struggle to defend themselves. Our content partner Asia Society has been at the front lines of documenting climate change’s effects around the world. Watch more about how filmmaker and author David Breashears documented the changing landscape as time and climate change progressed, and his warning about the future.

Because NYXT strives to connect our audience to organizations working towards better communities and futures, we compiled a list of our content partners working towards relief efforts in Houston, Texas, and beyond. It’s easy to feel powerless in disastrous times, but with guidance, everyone can donate time and effort towards making a positive difference.

National Kidney Foundation: Those with health risks are some of the most vulnerable in times of natural disasters. Help those with kidney disease here and learn how to provide resources for those in need.

CreativeMornings: This lecture series gathers creative minds to help motivate the best in us. Their Texas chapter has compiled a list of ways to help hurricane victims, from chefs to cook for the displaced, to AirBnb hosts to open their homes.

LGBT Center: The LGBT Center branches stretch around the country. If you want to help those in the Texas LGBTQ community affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here.

Opportunity Agenda: Committed to social justice, the Opportunity Agenda recognizes climate change’s threat to society’s most defenseless. Interested in volunteering for the cause? Click here.

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