How to Get Involved with NYC Politics and Advocacy Organizations

Whether you are passionate about politics, looking to move into a career in politics, or simply a concerned citizen with a drive to work toward a cause, getting involved with political advocacy groups in New York City means the opportunity to make the world a better and more just place for all. Learn about these inspiring political advocacy groups and the incredible ways that they contribute to bettering our society for everyone.

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Correctional Association of New York

Since 1844, the Correctional Association of New York has advocated for a more humane and effective criminal justice system, and an overall more just and equitable society. Citizens can get involved by becoming an advocate, making a donation, or joining one of three statewide coalitions to take action for change: The Coalition for Women Prisoners, The Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement (CAIC) and The Juvenile Justice Coalition. 

--> Make A Donation or Become An Advocate for the Correctional Association of  New York.


Human Rights Watch 

Human Rights Watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to defend the rights of people worldwide. They are most known for its accurate fact-finding, impartial reporting, effective use of media, and targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local human rights groups. HRW has many programs that you can get involved with that change daily depending on what the current political situation is. Some examples of the ways that you can get involved are with petitions, opposing or supporting senate, making reforms to laws, or making a donation.

--> Get involved with Human Rights Watch today.



Idealist aims to close the gap between intention and action by connecting people who want to do good with opportunities for action and collaboration. If you are looking for ways to get involved with organizations that produce positive action and collaboration, you can use Idealist to find jobs, volunteer work, internships, events and organizations. If you are looking for a break from the ordinary, check out the unique opportunities for you to take advantage of in your area.

--> Explore Exciting Opportunities through Idealist.


Innocence Project

The mission of the Innocence Project is to exonerate the wrongfully convicted and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices. Get involved in politics and advocacy with this project by volunteering in a variety of different ways by utilizing your skills and talents in fundraising, data entry, and writing, or apply for a job or internship. If you want to help without getting directly involved, the organization also accepts donations. 

--> Help Us Put An End to Wrongful Convictions.


Type Media Center

Type Media Center is a non-profit media organization dedicated to strengthening the independent press and advancing social justice and civil rights causes. Use your talents and apply for an internship or fellow program, or find one of their many events and participate in your city. Additionally, they offer three major awards each year that are each designed to recognize compelling or courageous progressive voices.

--> Participate in Type Media Center Events.


New York City Bar Association

The New York City Bar Association is comprised of lawyers and law students, founded as an anti-corruption measure in 1870 with a mission to equip and mobilize the legal profession to practice with excellence, promote reform of the law, and uphold the rule of law. The City Bar operates The City Bar Justice Center Hotline, a free legal advice hotline for low-income NYC residents.  They also work to promote more workplace diversity and provide expanded access to justice for low-income and disadvantaged New Yorkers by leveraging their pro-bono expertise. Donate or become a member to take part in this wonderful organization.

--> Donate or Become A Member with the New York City Bar Association.


New York City Civil Liberties Union

Established in response to McCarthy era attacks on civil liberties, New York Civil Liberties Union defends the civil liberties in New York state, promoting equality and the right to due process for all New Yorkers. Their mission is to defend and promote the fundamental principles and values presented in our most important civil documents. They offer a variety of ways to get involved depending on which issues you are passionate about. You can also become a card-carrying member with a donation of $20 or more.

--> Become a card-carrying member of NYCLU with a donation of $20 or more.


Open Society Foundations

By building vibrant and tolerant democracies, Open Society Foundations work to build open and accountable governments that are held accountable to their citizens. They accomplish this by helping to shape public policies to safeguard fundamental rights and assure greater fairness in legal, economic and political systems. They offer employment opportunities in New York City, along with offices all over the world, complete with a lengthy list of employee benefits.

--> Explore Employment Opportunities with Open Society Foundations.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund

Created in 2014 by the United Nations Development Programme, the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF) is an international multi-donor, multi-agency development mechanism created to bring together UN agencies, academia, national governments, and business to address the challenges of poverty through sustainable development. SDGF offers ways to get involved, such as a sustainable cooking challenge called #recipe4change. Visit the organization's homepage to learn more about current opportunities.

--> Learn more about opportunities with UN Sustainable Goals Development Fund.



NYXT highlights many prominent organizations in New York City that provide valuable opportunities to get involved in politics and advocacy, both locally and worldwide. Participate in one of these many organizations and improve your life while changing the world for the better. 



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