Creativity Unleashed


Image via Brooklyn Arts Council.


Creativity is the art of giving life to your ideas. It allows you to express yourself, promotes thinking and problem solving, and reduces anxiety. It is also a means of communication, either for fiction - to take us to remote places that maybe science will discover later on - or about nonfiction - where creativity is a bridge for sharing stories about justice, humanism and culture.


The key to being creative is to just allow yourself to think outside of the box. If you want to materialize your ideas, then you can analyze your options, keeping in mind the audience and the context that will interpret your work. 


Maybe the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic gave you the chance to have some time to be creative. Or perhaps the opposite happened - you felt mentally blocked, since uncertain times and unexpected changes can be traumatizing. Eithier way, we've put together an inspiring block of videos called Creativity Unleashed, that will air at 10 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM until this Sunday, with creative stories from organizations like AIGA, Art Students League, Bang on A Can, Beam Center, Brooklyn Arts Council, Dorot, Eyebeam, Fordham University, New York University, Roulette, and more. Stay tuned and find inspiration to help your ideas flow!


Marc Dennis talks about his role as an instructor and artist at the Art Students League.


A performance of Road Trip: Interstate by the Bang on a Can All-Stars.



You can watch NYXT live in Manhattan (Fios 38, Spec- trum 1992), in Brooklyn (RCN 85, Fios 45, Spectrum 1997), and online ( Below you will find some of the videos, and you can discover more watching the videos on demand.  


Discover, engage and make a difference this 2021!

Kids at the Beam Center build a human-powered bakery.

An NYU professor shares a story about assisting with the lunar module.




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