Breast Cancer Awareness: 4 Benefits to Attending a Support Group

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second most common cancer diagnosis worldwide. One in every eight US women is expected to develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. While not as common, men are also diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year, breast cancer affects more and more of us as patients, caregivers, and friends. This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hope NYC will rally together to fight for education, research, and a cure. If you or someone you know has been impacted by breast cancer, NYXT has compiled four reasons for you to seek out a support group near you.


1. There is a community for you

In a support group, people come together around a common struggle. They lean on one another for strength, inspiration, and understanding. Breast cancer support groups are as varied as the neighborhoods that host them and the individuals who fill them. Meeting with people who are at similar stages of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can help you to feel less alone and to navigate each step of your cancer fight. Begin looking for a support group in New York City with Share Cancer Support and Lean on Me NY


2. Education is empowering

In addition to those based on a therapeutic model and community support, many support groups are geared toward learning. A diagnosis of cancer can thrust a patient into a world of medical research and language that is often overwhelming. Support groups can provide a friendly, knowledgeable environment in which to ask questions and learn more about your condition and treatment options.


3. Support groups help caregivers and loved ones too

For friends, family members, or loved ones of patients, the road to recovery can also be difficult and exhausting. A support group can provide insights into what will happen during the treatment process and provide an opportunity for sharing and emotional support. Most importantly, support groups can give validation for the very real fears and struggles of all whose lives are affected by a cancer diagnosis.    


4. Finding support doesn’t have to be overwhelming

You can find the group that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. During times of stress and sadness, having a physical connection to people who are going through similar experiences can be uplifting, but that is not the only way to access support. Support groups that meet by phone, by chat, and online are all available. These virtual and long-distance groups can allow you to fit time for reflection and processing into a busy schedule or when factors like transportation can make it difficult to join a meeting here in Manhattan.


During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we often come together as a community to support fundraising and education. NYXT hopes that if you or a loved one are impacted by breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, you’ll also reach out to a group near you and take advantage of the personal support that they offer.


And for more information on breast cancer awareness and research, visit our content partner, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, who are committed to preventing and finding a cure for breast cancer by funding research worldwide.



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