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For beginners and for experts, Bike New York are your source for everything bicycles. Using their platform to educate residents on bike-riding techniques, maintenance, safety and more, they’ve built a still-growing community of cycling enthusiasts, in addition to advocating for a greener, more sustainable city.

Videos from Bike New York

How Does Riding A Bike Make You Feel?

Bike New York 00:44 Community

New Yorkers share how riding a bike makes them feel.

New York's Bike Education Programs

Bike New York 02:17 Community

New York has lots of bike education programs for anyone who wants to learn to ride a bicycle.

Yawa Kurkiewicz

Bike New York 03:30 Community

Yawa Kurkiewicz learns how to ride a bike through Bike New York's education program.

Bike New York 02:58 Health

Susan Rodetis shares her personal story of biking in New York.

The Five Boro Bike Tour

Bike New York 02:52 Community

Some of Bike New York's volunteers talk about the joys of teaching people how to bicycle.

Bike New York 03:16 Health

A woman with Charcot-Marie-Tooth talks about biking to raise money for a cure.

Bike New York 03:21 Community

Some of Bike New York's volunteers talk about the joys of teaching people how to bicycle.

Bike New York 04:05 Community

A short interview with Education and Outreach Manager for Citibike, touching on the development and future of the program.

Rumana Chowdhury

Bike New York 02:21 Culture

Rumana is the first recipient of the Earn A Bike program, and is a newfound cycling enthusiast.

Bike New York 02:17 Community

Quinn Zannoni leads the bike program at P.S. 373 Brooklyn Transition Center, teaching bike skills to students.

Bike New York 02:40 Community

The founder of Recycle-a-Bicycle talks about her community bike shop and non-profit.

Jateera Cameron

Bike New York 01:29 Culture

An 11-year old girl learns how to ride a bicycle and receives her very own.

Twin Lights Ride

Bike New York 01:33 Culture

Bike New York takes you inside the Twin Lights Ride event.

Discover Hudson Valley

Bike New York 00:53 Culture

Bike New York takes you for a ride to Poughkeepsie, where the Discover Hudson Valley event is held.

Bike to School Program

Bike New York 01:40 Culture

Bike To School students show you the different tools it takes to fix a bicycle.

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Biking in New York City is no joke! The citizens of NYC are constantly on the go, but many never learned the art of riding a bicycle. Never fear; Bike New York offers lessons for all ages and skill levels for interested parties geared towards safety, bike-sharing, commuting and obeying the rules of the road. There’s something for anyone looking to live life on two wheels! Education centers are across the five boroughs. Don’t miss out on the thrill of biking; sign up for a class today!

Bike New York aims to make cycling a fulfilling experience for our city, and that includes giving back to the community. BNY empowers its volunteers to reciprocate goodwill by becoming biking educators, becoming ambassadors via the street team, encouraging safety and growing an even stronger bike community, engaging visitors at the Bike Expo New York, assisting cyclists on their rides and much more! Volunteers will be granted lots of awesome swag for their service, so there’s no reason not to get involved!

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