Beam Center empowers young people to do spectacular things. They aim to help youth crystallize self-directed growth through ambitious, collaborative project-making. It's approach puts creative and technical production practices, collaboration, agency and real-world connections at the center of learning environments. 

Videos from Beam Center

Beam Center 01:14 Education

Kids at the Beam Center build gigantic flipbooks.

Brawn and Bread

Beam Center 01:51 Education

Kids at the Beam Center build a human-powered bakery.

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Beam Center uses traditional and advanced tools, technologies, and craft to honor the individual voice, celebrate the joy of producing something larger than ourselves, and inspire a lasting sense of wonder and accomplishment. Beam Center's collaborations with young people, schools, and communities support youth to take bold steps towards meaningful futures and foster conditions for educational equity.

Beam Center programs, aimed at students and educators, take place in public school classrooms throughout NYC, in Red Hook, Brooklyn at Beam Center, and in Strafford, New Hampshire at Beam Camp. With mentorship, job placement and career/college guidance, the organization aims to connect youth to New York City's creative and technical economies.

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