Artichoke Dance Company
Artichoke Dance Company is a national leader in eco-arts productions, merging performance innovation, environmental activism, community engagement and civic action. Known for theatrical athleticism, original collaborations, pioneering partnerships and dynamic residencies, Artichoke Dance engages audiences and communities in timely contemporary issues in performance and beyond, creating change toward a sustainable future. 

Videos from Artichoke Dance Company

Visioning Bodies at the Urban Garden Room

Artichoke Dance Company 05:10 Performing Arts

Dancers explore the Urban Garden Room in Midtown Manhattan.

Artichoke Dance Company 01:11 Performing Arts

A dance troupe visits the waterside area near the Statue of Liberty.

Isolation Connection 7:45 pm

Artichoke Dance Company 05:40 Performing Arts

Two people make a socially distanced connection through dance.

Distanced Dance

Artichoke Dance Company 05:35 Performing Arts

A socially distanced dance performance in New York.

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Artichoke Dance Company is more than a performing organization. THey bring people together to have fun, be creative and take action with festivals, beach and park clean ups, upcycling drives, hands on art builds, parades, dance parties and more. They believe changing the world happens one action at a time and that personal participation is key. They work with schools and communities to educate and achieve objectives around environmental issues and climate change through creative practices, public interactions and performance spectacles. Artichoke Dance Company is a registered vendor with the New York City Department of Education. 

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