Streetfilms creates short films encouraging people-friendly forms of urban transportation. Streetfilms' advocacy for bike lanes and car-free events have led to changes all over the United States and Latin America.


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Fixing the Great Mistake
Broadway Comes to Life
Mapping Your NYC Bike Commute
Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes
The Origins of Citibike
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Floating Parking
Mary Beth Kelly
Lady Liberty Marries Mr. Transit
Kidical Mass Zombie Ride

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Biking In Bogota

One of Streetfilms’ first big breaks was covering the weekly Colombian cultural event, Ciclovia, in which all the streets of capital city Bogota are closed to cars to make way for cyclists and pedestrians. As citizens walk, skate or bike through the streets, they can take part in aerobics or yoga, have a picnic, catch up with friends and family, or listen to a musical performance. Since 1974, the event was created to promote cultural bonding as well as an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s a city-wide block party that’s nothing but a good time.

More on Streetfilms At Ciclovia


Streetfilms was born out of director of photography Clarence Eckerson Jr.’s 1990’s cable access television show “bikeTV” that consisted of him filming from trains, buses, cars, bikes or just on foot. The show focused around environmentally-friendly methods of transportation and creating cities that centered pedestrians instead of vehicles. Packed with safety and exercise tips, and encouraging riders to obey necessary traffic laws, many of bikeTV’s videos chronicled the relationships between humans and vehicles and how cyclists can get along and have fun in a car-heavy world. 

The Evolution of Streetfilms

Imagining Bike-Friendly Cities

It was heaven on earth when Streetfilms visited the bicycle mecca of the world, Groningen. The bike-friendly Dutch city is powered by bi-pedalers as the cyclists outnumber the motorists by a long shot. Because of how Groningen was built,  cars were seen as impractical while walking and biking was an infinitely more accessible commute. The city is structured to focus on cyclists and has taken tremendous safety precautions to keep its bikers safe and make traveling efficient. Biking is ingrained into the way of life there. Forget minivans: whole families will bike around town together; date night is regularly involves a romantic, two-wheeled route.  

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