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Strand Books is an independent bookstore featuring 'over 18 miles of books.' The Strand's Rare Book Room hosts a rotating array of manuscripts, all on floors dating back to 1901.


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Bill T. Jones
Yusef Komunyakaa
Eduardo C. Corral
Darryl Pinckney and Cornel West
Todd Snider
Gizmo and Catcher In The Rye
Hilton Als
Lee Billings
Chuck Close
Megan Amram and Megan Mullally

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The Strand Fun Facts

Even if you've never been to Strand before, you've probably visited the beloved bookstore while watching movies and television. Practically a landmark of New York City, the store has been features most recently in comedian Aziz Ansari's Netflix series, "Master of None, " as well as the films "Julie and Julia" starring Meryl Streep, "Six Degrees of Separation" staring Will Smith and "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson. 

Look out for the Strand's trademark red awning in a rerun of "Gilmore Girls" or break out the vinyl and catch a reference in Steely Dan's song "What a Shame About Me".

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A Piece of "The Fault In Our Stars" Found Here

Did you know that the famous Amsterdam canal bench from the film, "The Fault In Our Stars" was donated to the Strand? The bench became legendary after the film's 2014 release, based on the book by John Green, as an important touchstone for the story's two young main characters. Soon after the film's release, the bench was stolen by unknown thieves and wound up sometime later on a Hollywood backlot. Luckily for the Strand, the set piece was donated to the store with much fanfare so that book lovers and moveigoers alike can enjoy this piece of film history. 

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Keeping an NYC Landmark Alive

What keeps the Strand ticking in a technological age when so much is bought and sold over the Internet? New York has seen so many iconic record and bookstores close over the decades as rents rise and interests wane, as well as the increased convenience of online shopping over brick and mortar setups. Much of the Strand's success can be attributed to the hands-on approach of its owner, Fred Bass, who worked the store's book-buying table until his recent passing. As the son of the bookstore's original founder, his lineage is invested in the Strand's achievements.

How Strand Is Keeping An NYC Landmark Alive

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