Rubin Museum
The Rubin Museum is an art museum in Chelsea primarily dedicated to Himalayan, Indian, and Tibetan artwork. The Rubin Museum regularly holds events, from musical performances and film screenings to meditation practices and lectures.


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Alec Baldwin and Neil LaBute
Liev Schreiber and Jesse Prinz
Laurie Anderson and Daniel Gilbert
Elaine Stritch and Murali Doraiswamy
Aimee Mann and Neil LaBute
Sharon Salzberg and Josh Melnick
Meredith Monk and John Antrobus
Wylie Dufresne and Rachel Herz
Mary Ellen Mark and Daniel L. Schacter
Donald Wilson and Lior Lev Sercarz

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More than just being an exhibitor of Himalayan artwork and artifacts, the Rubin Museum is also a cultural hub with its weekly film series, Cabaret Cinema. Film and art lovers alike can enjoy a drink in the museum’s bar and restaurant Café Serai, and then retire to its theater for a Friday night film. Showing some of cinema’s world-famous classics, the series is themed and often invites special speakers to introduce the films, noting on how each of these films are adjacent to the Rubin’s exhibits. Previous guests have included Matt Damon and Alan Cumming. Looking to put a new spin on a dinner-and-a-movie date night?

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The Rubin Museum's Transformation

Did you know that the Rubin Museum, a mainstay in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood, sits in what was once a branch of the famed department store Barney's? One of the city's signature retail venues is the former inhabitant of the Rubin's space, with the shopping center's original six-story staircase still at the center of the museum. Urban renewal firm Beyer Blinder Belle was partially responsible for the museum's transformation, which opened in 2004 and cost $21 million to construct. Many New Yorkers joke that what was once a center for consumerism is now the home to a spiritual art center filled with welcoming Buddhas. 

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Honoring Nepal

April 25th, 2015, was a day that devastated millions of Nepalese as an earthquake destroyed homes and livelihoods and claimed 8,000 victims. As a space dedicated to the art and culture of the countries surrounding the Himalayan mountains, the Rubin Museum was deeply affected by this loss. Their efforts towards the case included creating the social media hashtag "#HonorNepal" to amplify works by Nepalese artists, and building a website to encourage patrons to donate as well as serve as an educational tool. 

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