Path2Parenthood is committed to helping people create their families by supporting outreach programs and educational information.P2P is involved in reproductive health, infertility treatments, and family-building options including adoption.


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The Road To Adoption

Not only does Path2Parenthood provide biological options for those looking to become parents, roads to parentage are also available through fostering and eventual adoption. Fostering kids comes with its particular set of obstacles, but Path2Parenthood offers guidance at every step as would-be parents navigate through lawyers, judges, social workers and even biological parents to ensure that the child’s or children’s best interests are being met. The process to foster and/or adopt a child is never an easy one but the end results can be not just worthwhile, but life-changing.

Foster a Child

You're Not Alone

The trials of parenthood are never easy. Whether through traditional birth, artificial insemination, adoption, fostering, or even egg or sperm donation, the journey is riddled with questions along the way. That’s why Path2Parenthood provides immaculate guidance so that every question faced along the way is met with a reassuring hand. Along with a toll-free hotline open Monday through Friday,  prospective parents can also attend in-person seminars and support groups, and can also make connections with trained and trusted fertility coaches over the phone.

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Turning Hardship Into Advocacy

Not just a helping hand, Path2Parenthood lends a familiar face to the common struggles of parenthood and infertility. Actress Nia Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fame has opened up about her difficulties in becoming pregnant, trying infertility treatments before she and her husband decided to adopt within the foster care system. Turning her struggles into advocacy for others like herself, Vardalos recently wrote a book about her experiences and has become a spokesperson for adoption. Vardalos has become a beacon of hope for those trying to build families.

Read Nia's Experience With Infertility and Adoption

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