OutRight Action International
OutRight Action International aims to continue advancing human rights and opportunities for LGBTIQ people around the world through advocacy, partnerships and accountability of those aiming to violate their rights. As an international LGBTIQ organization, they have consistently built strong, productive relationships to uplift the community and protect their rights.


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The Political Cost of Exclusion
The Social Cost of Exclusion
Building An International LGBTIQ Movement
The Economic Cost of Exclusion
LGBTIQ in Indonesia
Being Lesbian in Iran

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Join Your Local OutRight Volunteer Committee

Funding and event hosting can be a crucial part of keeping an organization running. OutRight accepts volunteers from around the world and encourages teamwork to spread awareness about global LGBTIQ issues. OutRight created Engagement Committees to serve and benefit activists and global LGBTIQ leaders in their communities. These committees currently exist in certain cities, but they are easy to create in your community with OutRight’s guidance.

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OutRight Advocates for Persecuted Gay Men in Chechnya

As the Russian government places hundreds of gay men in “concentration camps,” OutRight Action International called out major oil companies to take a stand against persecutions of gay men in Chechnya. Outright believes that these oil companies could use the leverage that they have on Russia to urge Russian authorities to immediately end the horrific persecutions.

A Genocide In Russia

McCain & Cardin on Trump at OutRight’s Annual Conference

There is no secret behind President Trump’s feelings towards the LGBTIQ community. Senator John McCain and Ben Cardin sit down, at the annual OutRight’s conference, to talk about the struggles our country and other countries face under Donald Trump’s presidency, and how it affects basic human rights for LGBTIQ people.

Protecting LGBTIQ Protections

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