Jungles in Paris
Jungles in Paris uses documentary film to bring you to every corner of the globe in search of some of the world's most beautiful places. Jungles in Paris believes that enlightenment can be found everywhere, from mountains and seas to sidewalks, and that a richer understanding of our world can bring greater enlightenment.We take a creative approach to documentary photography and filmmaking, one that is tailored to the online experience. We bring our subjects offline, too, for salons, screenings, and other live events.

Videos from Jungles in Paris

Jungles in Paris 02:43 Culture

This Old Coffeehouse in Vienna

Jungles in Paris 02:52 Culture

Natural Snow in Vermont

Jungles in Paris 03:06 Culture

The Colony in Quebec

Jungles in Paris 02:33 Culture

Rare Black Rhino

Jungles in Paris 01:39 Culture

Li River, Guangxi Province, China

Jungles in Paris 01:53 Culture

Elk Refuge, Jackson Wyoming

Jungles in Paris 02:24 Culture

Colonial Cartagena

Jungles in Paris 01:47 Culture

Jungles in Paris 02:28 Culture

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Traveling the world can change your perspective and give you insight into cultures different from your own. However, daily expenses and responsibilities can make travel difficult for many people. Now, you don’t have to travel across the world to see a new place and learn something about it. Through their masterful videos, photos and short essays, Jungles in Paris provides a unique look at cultures, wildlife and geography from around the world.

Learn about riflebirds in Papua New Guinea, see architecture of Vienna or explore the beautiful landscapes of Israel right from your computer! The Jungles in Paris blog features all of that, plus written works such as an interview with film director Wim Wenders, Q&A’s with photographers and Monday movie recommendations. 

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