Institute of Play
The Institute of Play promotes gaming and game design as a tool to help kids learn. They developed Quest to Learn, an NYC public school based on principles of gaming design.

Videos from Institute of Play

Powering a Learning Revolution

Institute of Play 03:01 Education

How to use technology to help shape kids' lives by creating more irresistible forms of learning.

Portal 2 Puzzlemaker

Institute of Play 04:26 Education

Portal 2 captures the imagination of math and science educators throughout the country.

Collaborative Curriculum Building

Institute of Play 06:00 Education

An exploration of learning design, this video is about how to use games and design to build a curriculum.

Institute of Play 04:30 Education

LittleBigPlanet 2

Institute of Play 05:03 Education

Learning Happens By Doing

Institute of Play 04:50 Education

Institute of Play 02:22 Education

How to Use Games for Assessment

Institute of Play 02:38 Education

Institute of Play 05:13 Education

MyTools After School

Institute of Play 02:19 Education

It Kinda Feels Like Play

Institute of Play 03:42 Education

Rolling Out a Game In The Classroom

Institute of Play 02:11 Education

Feedback is Immediate and Ongoing

Institute of Play 04:39 Education

Feels Like Play

Institute of Play 03:02 Education

Failure is Reframed as Iteration

Institute of Play 04:54 Education

Everything Is Interconnected

Institute of Play 05:35 Education

Everyone Is A Participant

Institute of Play 03:52 Education

Charles Raben at Quest to Learn

Institute of Play 02:15 Education

Challenge is Constant

Institute of Play 04:27 Education

The STEM Educators Academy

Institute of Play 03:17 Education

G4C Public Arcade

Institute of Play 02:09 Education

MobileQuest CoLab

Institute of Play 04:00 Education

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Get Involved

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 30% of adults feel engaged in their work. Decreased engagement can often lead to decreased productivity and low quality work so give your employees a boost with Institute of Play’s “Play@ Your Org” program.

Through play-based learning and game design activities, participants will learn how to have a more positive attitude towards their work as well as how to maximize consumer engagement. The skills and strategies taught in this workshop can be used to help redesign marketing campaigns, products, services and more.

Whether you work for a corporate company or a nonprofit organization, this program can help your team meet their goals in a new and creative way.

Bring Play to the Office

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