InsideSchools are education advocates providing authoritative and independent information about New York City's public schools and dedicated to improving education in NYC. They visit hundreds of schools every year and interview thousands of people - from principals to teachers to students to parents - to understand what's really going on in NYC's public schools.


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The key to a well-rounded education is continuing to learn outside of the classroom. In order to do that, it’s important for parents to be active participants in their children’s education. InsideSchools provides up-to-date information about the New York City public school system so that parents have the knowledge they need to help their children thrive. Fortunately, New York City offers a variety of free and low-cost programs after school and during the summer to give students additional opportunities to learn and explore their interests. Programs focused on science, arts, college prep and more are available to students in elementary school through high school. 

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STEM education has become a national priority in recent years, which has caused schools to re-evaluate their curriculums. The math and science education your child is receiving today is probably different than what you learned at their age. So how do you know if they’re getting the instruction they need to succeed? InsideSchools put together a guide to help you to better evaluate your child’s math and science education. The guide includes sample questions to ask your child’s teachers about the curriculum, strategies for reinforcing math and science education at home and further reading materials about the importance of STEM education.

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Special Education Resources

Not every child learns in the same way and that’s okay. Some students need extra help and may qualify for special education. While public schools are required to provide support services such as psychological counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, it’s not always easy to get them. It can be an overwhelming and frustrating process for parents to get those resources for their child and InsideSchools understands. To help you navigate the ups and downs of obtaining the services your child needs to succeed, InsideSchools offers information on their website about IEP’s, 504’s and schools in New York City that are known for their special education programs. 

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