Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is an NYC-based NGO that promotes human rights and justice and defends the rights of people worldwide. HRW achieves change by partnering with local organizations, lobbying the press, making recommendations to governments, and other actions to put pressure human rights abusers.


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Returning Migrants to Danger
Military Sexual Assault Survivors
Terrorism Prosecutions
Teens in Solitary Confinement
Immigration Reform
Immigrants and the Police
Prisoners With Mental Illness
Homophobic Violence in Jamaica
Ban Ki Moon Condemns Homophobia

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What Exactly Are Human Rights

All human beings are entitled to certain basic rights, but in many countries around the world people don’t have them and are forced to suffer. Human Rights Watch exists to raise awareness for these injustices around the world and to fight for policy changes that will give innocent people the rights they deserve. The over 400 staff members at Human Rights Watch include country experts, lawyers, journalists and scholars who are all committed to fighting for human rights. In a special video series, some of the staff members give viewers an understanding of what exactly human rights are, the progress their team has made in fighting for them and why the rights of certain groups are protected more than others. 

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Get Involved and Take Action

The Human Rights Watch team may be mighty, but they need passionate citizens like you to help them make a real difference. Some issues they fight for include ending child labor, the closure of the Guantanamo detention, banning land mines and more. The volunteer opportunities range in commitment level so there’s something everyone can do no matter how busy they are. Whether it’s writing a note to your local senator or joining one of the 20 HRW committees across the globe, you can make an impact and help HRW fulfill their mission of “protecting rights and saving lives.

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Serve and Protect All Humans

Human Rights Watch has been on the frontlines fighting for justice in over 100 countries around the world since 1978. The organization drew inspiration from Helsinki Watch, which was created to monitor the government’s compliance with the 1975 Helsinki Accords. From reporting on the 1991 Persian Gulf War to fighting against anti-LGBT bills today, Human Rights Watch exists to serve and protect all humans across the globe no matter what their background is. The HRW team works with lawmakers, researchers and community organizations to drive progress and create lasting change. Learn more about the work Human Rights Watch has done to help secure safety and freedom for those whose voices get lost in the shuffle.

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