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In Press Play, we chat with some of NYXT’s video content partners. In this edition, we are talking with Mariama Noguera-Devers, Programs Manager at Art Start. They work all around NYC and you can find their video content at



























What was your career path before you started working with Art Start, and how are your professional goals connected with the organization?

My Bachelors degree is in Dance and Global Studies and at Art Start I've been able to mix the two. The work combines two issues I'm very passionate about, the Arts and social justice. I believe in the importance of the creative process and the powerful impact it can have on people's lives. I began as an intern with Art Start in 2015 and held different roles until I became Programs Manager. I've really been able to grow with the organization and have learned so much occupying these various roles.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

As with any non-profit, funding is always a challenge. We'd love to do more but are sometimes blocked by financial limitations.


Which were Art Start’s big achievements of 2018?

This year, our Program Director Mariam Aryai-Rivera received the 2018 Partnership for Afterschool Education outstanding afterschool educator award. We launched our 2018 Portrait Project, partnering with the Black and Latino Male Achievement Department of Milwaukee Public Schools. We exhibited in October in Milwaukee and are exhibiting the Portrait Project in New York in November. This year we also worked with Aligned Strategies Consulting to begin the process of aligning Art Start, as an organization, with anti-oppression principles.


Do you collaborate with other organizations?

We collaborate with other organizations constantly. Many organizations have held fundraising events and donation drives on our behalf. Some have hosted our Emerging Artists for various field trips and creative sessions. We often donate excess art supplies to other non-profits, schools and community organizations. Many of our current and past Emerging Artists have come from organizations we've partnered with.


What’s coming next for Art Start and how can people get involved?

The 2018 Portrait Project will continue to exhibit through the end of this year. Our 2018 Family Portrait Project is in progress and will be launched and exhibited early next year. There are many ways to get involved: volunteering in workshops, having fundraising events, corporate sponsorship and of course donations!




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